Who we are

FindinGreece has been created out of a wish to share the passion for Greece and the love for travel. With an extensive experience in the world of tourism, many years of travelling around the world and even more exploring the Greek islands, FindinGreece invites you to discover their authentic aspect and experience them through the eyes of the locals.

Semeli Drymoniti


Semeli studied and worked in Architecture and Education before settling in the world of Tourism. Thousands of miles and long periods of travelling on five continents meanwhile, she has been strongly attracted by local cultures, stubbornly finding her way in immersing into everyday life at the places she visited by working, living in locals’ homes, learning their language and tasting their meals.
She has found her place on the island of Amorgos, finally giving into a long-lasting love affair with the island, and there is nothing she enjoys more than introducing people to the simple yet profound beauty of her corner of the world.

FindinGreece Partners

In order to provide the most authentic and highest quality experience, we have created an extensive network of partners on Amorgos, Naxos, Santorini, Mykonos and Iraklia islands.

All our partners focus on sustainable touristic development, considering a range of factors such as environmental conservation, social inclusion, respectful interaction with visitors and safety. Highly experienced and deeply connected with local life, FindinGreece partners are here to offer you the best of each island.