Our Philosophy

A favourite summer destination, Greece is worldwide known for its world class monuments and sunkissed coastline.
But is this all it has to offer?

FindinGreece has been created to offer an alternative experience.
Our goal is to share our experience and passion for Greece and make visitors discover the best preserved beauties of this land, its unspoiled nature, culture and traditions.

At the same time, we acknowledge the challenges of tourism to local societies, economies and the environment. This is particularly true in areas of limited resources, such as the Greek islands.

All our suggestions are focused on authenticity and a positive impact for local societies and nature, always combined with the best quality of services.
Our partners are chosen with care, driven by the desire to provide unique experiences.
More than just spending a few days under the sun, we invite you to live a genuine Greek experience, intrigue all senses and create unforgettable memories.

Taste the Mediterranean cuisine.
Smell the sensational herbs in the mountains.
Feel the warm touch of stones under your feet.
Listen to the bells and the wind in the narrow alleys.
Admire the wild and preserved nature of the Greek islands.
Join us in a journey in time.

Make Greece your home out of home and find the locals’ way to its hidden treasures.